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Skim Coat
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Skim Coat

Product description:
Vanjoin group skim coat is a finishing thin layer cementitious plaster specially formulated for concrete surfaces and pre-casts for indoor and out door use. It offers excellent non-sag properties that provide great workability on overhead and vertical applications.

Skim Coat

Intended use:
Vanjoin group skim coat is suitable for all types of concrete surfaces.

Product features:

1.Serves as initial coat for painting purpose; no need to neutralize concrete surfaces

2.High initial adhesiveness

3.Excellent non sag properties that give good workability on both vertical and overhead surfaces

4.Yields a homogenous paste that eliminates surface crack lines

5.High bonding strength

6.Ready and easy to use

7.Non-toxic and with non VOC content

8.Eliminates crack lines

Sandable, paintable, durable

Skim Coat

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